Experience adventurous exploration of the archaeological, natural and cultural histories of southeastern Utah with a world-renowned guide.

About FOE

Your hosts, Vaughn and Marcia Hadenfeldt provide a level of knowledge and service that creates an unforgettable southwest experience. Whether staying in the Far Out bunkhouse or traveling the back country with Vaughn, you’ll find that exploring with FOE makes for a memorable adventure.  Fully licensed, permitted and insured, FOE trips are led by Vaughn, who has spent over 30 years exploring and guiding in the region particularly across the Cedar Mesa – Grand Gulch plateau.

Backcountry Tours

Far Out Expeditions offers adventures customized specifically for the individual or group. Vaughn’s passion for archaeological sites, especially rock art, is what distinguishes him as a Cedar Mesa guide. Whether you’re looking for a day trip as close by as Comb Ridge or a multi-day backpacking expedition in Grand Gulch, we’ll take you as far out as you want to go.


Far Out Expeditions has restored the historic home of famous local guide Zeke Johnson – who later became the first Superintendant of Natural Bridges National Monument – into the perfect home-away-from-home. It is the ideal place to stay for individuals, families, school groups or anyone who wants to feel at home in Bluff. For prices, please visit the rates page.

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It’s always fun to try and post in the summer. There are so many trips going on, there MUST be something about which to post, but there are so many trips going on, I can never find our fearless leader in order to get an update about the trips… You see the irony, yes? I hope everyone has the opportunity..

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So Vaughn and Marcia went to meet some friends in Moab today, and they stopped to have some of Vaughn’s old school, Patagonia wear fixed-up. Little did the Patagonia peeps know, when a Hadenfeldt shows up with “old school Patagonia,” he mean OLD SCHOOL Patagonia! Here’s Vaughn being photographed for..

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Passover? Easter? Non-denominational springtime frolicking? GREAT! Have fun, be safe, get far out there, and we want to hear all about it the next time you catch up with Vaughn.

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John Rasmus
John Rasmus National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Editor in Chief
. . . on your first trip at least, see Vaughn Hadenfeldt who operates Far Out Expeditions back in Bluff. Definitely see Vaughn….”