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Experience adventurous exploration of the archaeological, natural and cultural histories of southeastern Utah with a world-renowned guide.

About FOE

Experience an unforgettable adventure with Far Out Expeditions owned and operated by Vaughn and Marcia Hadenfeldt. For over 35 years Vaughn has been guiding people to the mesas and canyons of southeastern Utah, particularly across the Cedar Mesa – Grand Gulch Plateau, which is now Bears Ears National Monument. Showcasing the archaeology and interpreting the cultural and natural history of the sites, Vaughn is world renown for his understanding of the area.

FOE is fully licensed, permitted and insured and is passionate about sharing this special place with visitors.

Backcountry Tours

Far Out Expeditions offers adventures customized specifically for the individual or group. Vaughn’s passion for archaeological sites, especially rock art, is what distinguishes him as a Cedar Mesa guide. Whether you’re looking for a day trip as close by as Comb Ridge or a multi-day backpacking expedition in Grand Gulch, we’ll take you as far out as you want to go. Click here for rates.


The Far Out burden carrier logo, designed by Bluff artist Joe Pachak, is featured in various styles. Contact us today to place your order for t-shirts and more!

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Vaughn Hadenfeldt, wilderness guide, Bluff, Utah – Dispatches from rural America: Locals speak about Trump’s public lands review – Medium

Just a little piece of the puzzle…

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After 21 years of faithful service, the Far Out Bunkhouse has decided to retire. FOE has had some memorable guests and made some great friends over the years, but it’s time for the historic house to become a home again. Vaughn preformed some design miracles including new closets while Marcia spruced..

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8 Outdoor Companies Helping with Harvey Relief

I’m sorry I haven’t kept up well with Far Out’s page. I’m a volunteer with Team Rubicon, and we’ve been pretty busy dialing-up responses to TX while trying to keep the rest of the country from falling apart, too. I wanted to share with all you outdoorsy types what the Outdoor Industry has been doing..

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