Guide Bio

Growing up in the Colorado Rockies prepared Vaughn Hadenfeldt for a career in the outdoors, but it was an entirely different place that inspired his passion. It was while he started and operated a successful retail mountaineering store, which grew to include guiding, climbing, and backcountry expeditions in the mountains, that he visited Grand Gulch on Cedar Mesa in Utah and his new life was born.

For over 30 years Vaughn has led people through the red-rock desert to discover for themselves the beauty of the landscape and the story of the people who lived here long ago. He has worked on excavation and documentation projects with notable southwest archaeologists. Vaughn has been featured in books such as Sandstone Spine by David Roberts which tells the story of their trek across the length of Comb Ridge; on television programs and in magazines including National Geographic Adventure, where he was named North American Expert for Trekking. His expertise on the archaeology and natural history of the region is recognized throughout the Four Corners and the world. Find out about trips with Vaughn or visit the rates page for prices.

Portrait by Anthony Lott