Backcountry Tours

Far Out Expeditions offers adventures customized specifically for the individual or group. Vaughn’s passion for archaeological sites, especially rock art, is what distinguishes him as a Cedar Mesa guide. Whether you’re looking for a day trip as close by as Comb Ridge or a multi-day backpacking expedition in Grand Gulch, we’ll take you as far out as you want to go. Click here for rates.

Unique petroglyphs near Bluff, UT.The backcountry that you’ll visit with Far Out Expeditions reveals some of the most outstanding archaeology in the United States.  Explore wondrous landscapes, experience the fascinating flora and fauna of the red rock desert, all while encountering the rock art, artifacts, and habitation sites of the Anasazi and other cultures who lived here in the prehistoric past. We’ve spent years in the field seeking out these sometimes subtle, elusive, less visited remains of prehistoric cultures. We cherish these areas and take our responsibility of visiting these sites very seriously. By sharing our knowledge, we hope to instill an admiration of the prehistory and landscape, as well as an understanding of their preservation and care, to all who would travel here.
Trip Types

Scheduled or Custom Trips

We occasionally have pre-scheduled trips you can join. For a list of scheduled trips, click here. Of course, you can always contact us about your own custom trip!

Far Out Expeditions customizes every trip. Whether you can spend many nights camping under the stars or just a day exploring nearby, Vaughn can design a backcountry experience on Cedar Mesa, Comb Ridge or other southeastern Utah landscapes that will go beyond expectations.  You tell us what you’d like to see, the time you can spend and the outdoor adventure you’re contemplating and Far Out will guide you to the adventure you seek. FOE is famous for providing a learning experience as we interpret the sites while having a wonderful time exploring the canyons, eating great meals and sharing stories.

Backpacking Expeditions

Vaughn’s preferred adventure is a multi-day backpack trip. It is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the landscape and leave the world behind. Backpacking is sometimes the only way to reach unique, remote sites. FOE is known for providing high quality group gear and making the most of backpacking meals.

Day Trips

Even if you don’t have many days to spend, any day can be an adventure with Far Out Expeditions. You can have the luxury of staying in the Far Out Guesthouse – or any other local accommodation – and then FOE will pick you up and take you on a fantastic journey complete with picnic lunch.

1/2 Day Trips

Bluff is located in the heart of the country that the Anasazi occupied over 1000 years ago. For that reason there are even sites we can get to when we just spend the morning or afternoon on a local jaunt. This is a great way to whet your appetite for future Far Out expeditions!

Photography Tours

FOE understands the special requirements needed to lead professional or avocational photographers to the right sites in the right light! Whether you take large format, digital, or 35mm photos, let us help you discover the right angle.
John Sexton
John Sexton Photographer
I have had the pleasure of working with Far Out Expeditions on my photography workshops in the Southwest for a number of years. The knowledgeable staff at FOE is dedicated to preserving the ‘magic’ of the canyon country experience, and combines education of the land and culture with professionalism in their guiding and outfitting. There are few people that know the canyon country of the Southwest like Far Out Expeditions.”

Over-night Vehicle Trips

From our vehicle-basecamp on the mesa top, each day offers another opportunity for exploration. Return tired and happy each evening from our day hikes to the luxury of a “safari style” camp.
Photo by Greg Child

Photo by Greg Child


Brook Wilkinson
Brook Wilkinson Conde Nast
Vaughn Hadenfeldt can recite as much of this complicated history as you’re prepared to hear while guiding you through Cedar Mesa and showing you some of the southwest’s most pristine, unrestored ruins and rock art.”